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Gordian’s Guide to Selecting the “Perfect” Rug


One of the most versatile ways to breathe life into a room is by simply incorporating a
beautiful rug into its design. It’s the perfect way to transform the backdrop; with a vast
array of colors, patterns, sizes, and textures to choose from. Gordian has a few simple
recommendations to help guide you as you choose the perfect rug for your décor.


Choosing the Best Colors, Patterns, Designs and Purpose for your Décor

Take into consideration the aesthetic of the space when selecting rug patterns and
colors. When dealing with a room that is elaborately decorated, consider more neutral
colors instead of vibrant or patterned rugs, or else the end result will be overwhelming
and frenzied in appearance. If you choose to make the rug the centerpiece of the
room, then bolder and more dramatic colors and patterns are beautiful options, and
the backdrop should be a bit more subdued. However, one of the most important
elements to a beautiful room is the balance involving design and purpose. The
introduction of a new rug with a pattern or color that complements and enhances the
look of an existing scheme is a wonderful way to create harmony.


Consider the Shape and Size of the Living Space:

Enhancing the beauty of your living space with rugs sets an elegant environment which
guides visitors around the home. The shape of the room should always be considered
when purchasing rugs – especially when considering a custom-made rug. Rugs can
create a sense feeling of order that comes with a well-planned design, such as a
creating a pathway with the placement of runners or rectangular rugs in kitchens or
corridors. This lends to the overall sense of comfort and appeal to the home.

Even the most beautiful Persian rug will do nothing to enhance a room if the
measurements are incorrect. Aside from personal style, the most important element
before purchasing a rug, (or any design project for that matter) is knowing the
dimensions of the room. This is the only way to ensure that the shape, patterns, and
positioning of a rug will work within the space.

Apply these guides to help you find the perfect rugs for your space. Keep in mind, from
top to bottom, a beautiful, hand-crafted rug will establish the mood for any room in the

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