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We are changing the standards in which high end rugs are purchsaed

About Us

The Gordian Rugs story began with a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the world, help people make informed choices, and supply luxurious, handwoven rugs for homeowners to proudly to display in their living spaces.

As a third-generation antique rug preservationist, I perfected the art of rug restoration. Through years of hands-on experience and research, I gained a deep understanding of the craftsmanship and materials that go into making these timeless works of art.

More importantly, by regularly engaging with his valued customers, I was able to identify three common issues they faced.

Sonny Cohen, Founder

3 Common Issues to Avoid
When Buying Rugs

Unethical sourcing

Sadly, most handmade rugs are woven by children forced to work in cruel, demanding conditions for little to no pay. Customers who purchase these rugs unknowingly fund the continuation of these unlawful and unethical practices.


Customers being ripped off by unscrupulous rug dealers, who would pass off their rugs as antique but were in fact new and made to look ‘old.’ Worse still, rugs promoted as ‘high quality’ were inferior knockoffs that would degrade after a few short years.


Brick and mortar stores factor in their operating costs (i.e. rent, utility bills, payroll) when pricing their goods. Most rug dealers also have to send their rugs elsewhere to be washed before they can sell them. Combined, these factors raise the final price tag.

In Partnership with

Creating a Better Future

In response to these concerns, I decided to forge my own path and search for a better future. My journey led me to small villages around the world, where I formed strong ties with generational rug weavers, renowned for their expert craftsmanship and ethical standards. To this day, I am proud to call these weavers both my friends and partners in success.

But that’s not all. After establishing Gordian Rugs, we became a proud partner of GoodWeave, an organization committed to ending child labour in global supply chains.

GoodWeave personally audits their partner weavers, which means that every rug you purchase from us has been manufactured in an ethical, lawful, and sustainable manner.

What’s more, a portion of each sale actively contributes to the wellbeing and sustainability of the families working in these small villages. What does this mean for you? You’re not just buying a quality handwoven rug, but giving those in need a chance for a better tomorrow.

Our Commitment to You

Every homeowners deserves to be proud of where they live. That’s why, you can count on Gordian Rugs to provide you with beautiful, elegant, and timeless products that enrich your home and lifestyle.

To uphold this promise, we are committed to:


Ethical sourcing

By only partnering with manufacturers who adhere to ethical and sustainable business practices.



By passing on our knowledge and expertise to you, so that you can make an informed choice and order with total confidence


Quality Materials

Our rugs are made from authentic wool and silk procured from New Zealand and the Himalayas.


Better savings

Gordian Rugs has no physical store and each rug is processed at our own rug washing facility. By keeping the supply chain largely in-house, this means you enjoy incredible savings.


After sales support

We are not only rug sellers. Due to our background in rug preservation we offer expert knowledge in cleaning and maintaining your rug for generations.


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