Design Your Own Custom Rug


Work directly with our in house design team, to create a one-of-a-kind custom rug, that fits your space perfectly.

Have a project you want to work on? Get in touch today to speak with a specialist.

How does it work?

1.) Idea

Get in touch with us. Our team will have some simple questions to get some basic information on the design and look you wish to achieve. Here we will also ask if you have any photo references of rugs you like, photos of the room it will go in if possible, photos of any artwork inspiration you might want to use in the rug design, etc..


Our design team will create a digital rendering of your rug based on your specifications. This will be sent to you for approval, and or revisions if needed.

2.) Creation

  • Size

    Determine the size you need. If you need it to be an odd shape that is fine as well.

  • Materials

    Choose your materials: It ranges from New Zealand Wool, Silk, Cotton, and Tencel.

  • Thickness

    Determine the thickness of the rug you want and quality of the weave. (Click here for detailed photos which will help you decide).

  • Colors

    Adjust and finalize the colors as you prefer.

3.) Delivery

Once the design is approved, we take care of all the rest. You can request a small sample gets made before the entire rug is woven if needed.


Each Gordian Rug is unique and has it’s own beauty and complexity. That’s why it usually takes us 4-10 weeks to order, handcraft and weave your beautiful and unique rug. Once completed, it will show up directly to your door. Enjoy it for life. That’s it!

Have a project you want to work on? Get in touch today to speak with a specialist.


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Gordian Rugs has no physical store and each rug is processed at our own rug washing facility. By keeping the supply chain largely in-house, this means you enjoy incredible savings.


Check our custom rug designs for some personal inspiration.