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The Supply chain of a rug

1. Sheep Farming

We source our wool from the best sheep farmers in New Zealand which make for the softest most durable rug.

2. Shearing Wool

The first step in making yarn, shearing the wool.

3. Processing Wool

Wool is then processed and cleaned so that it can be used at yarn.

4.Developing Colors

We use all natural dyes made from mother earth. Using age old practices we can offer non toxic dyes.

5. Dyeing Wool

Once the color is selected we dye the wool using dye vats and high heat.

6. Spooling the Wool

Wool is then spooled to the desired thickness.

7. Graphing the rug

Before weaving, we create a graph of the rug which serves at the map for the weaver to follow. This graph indicates precisely where each knot should go.

8. Building the loom

After the graph is made we custom rig the loom which will be the workspace for the weaver and add the warps and foundation of which the wool will get knotted onto.

9. Rug Weaving

Once the loom is ready the weaver begins to weave entirely by hand.

10. Cutting the loom

After weaving is completed, we cut the rug off the loom, often a celebratory moment for weavers.

11. Shearing the rug

The rug then gets sheared to shave down the pile to the desired height and created a smooth finish.

12. Carving the rug

Carving then gets done to ensure the design is sharp and not blurry.

13. Washing the rug

Perhaps the most important step in the finishing process, the washing makes sure the rug is color fast, soft, clean and adds luster / sheen to the pile.

14. Sun Bathing

When drying we let the rugs dry in direct sunlight, this also softens the pile and ensures the colors are stabilized.

15. Stretching the rug

The rug then gets stretched out to ensure the proper size and also making it lay flat.

16. Binding the rug

Binding is done by hand

17. Finishing the rug

This process is to ensure there are no lose threads or knots.

18. Labeling

Luxury labeling stitched on by hand.

19. Packing

Expertly packed for safe shipping

20. Shipping

International shipping and customs declaration to ensure a fast transit

21. Istallation in new home

The last step, enjoy your new rug in its new home

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