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Modern Persian Skull Rug Green

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The Day of the Dead, or “El Dia de Los Muertos” is a Mexican holiday which is celebrated every year at the beginning of November. Skulls or “Calaveras” are used to honor the departed. They were considered a prominent symbol for the Aztecs and were used as an offering to Mictecacihuatl, the goddess of death. During the festivities, treats are formed into sugar cane skulls embellished with icing, gems, and other ornamentation. It is a song to the afterlife and a reminder that one should not live in fear of one’s mortality. Inspired by this holiday, our Skull Collection, seeks to continue with the tradition and connect with the celebration of life. The sugar cane skulls featured in our creation are colorful, abstract designs with bright accents that will bring this vibrant celebration to life in your home.

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Collection: SKULL
Country of Origin: NEPAL
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Our Supremely handmade rugs are tenderly crafted with great care. Please bear in mind when selecting your rug, that there may subtle pattern changes according to size; for example, the pattern of a smaller 3×5 rug may be subtly different than its larger 9×12 counterpart. However, this does not impact the beauty of your rug!


Supremely handmade rugs may have slight variations in size (up to 3”). The diameter of the hand-spun wool our weavers use will impact the size of knots. (i.e., if the diameter of the wool is thicker, the knot will be thicker, resulting in a larger rug). This is one of the unique ways a splendid, handwoven rug is set apart from manufactured rugs.


Vacuuming regularly is just one step in preserving the look and feel of your rug. Avoid the temptation to pull any loose threads! Instead, carefully trim them with a good pair of scissors. Be sure to treat any spills with a clean, white cloth. Another important step preventing uneven wear and discoloration is to rotate the rug every few months. This is a great way to prevent distortion from foot traffic and sun rays. Having your rugs cleaned professionally will ensure that all harmful bacteria and other harmful particles are eradicated.


Some of the most important elements to consider before purchasing a rug are the dimensions of the room as well as the existing furnishings. This is the only way to ensure that the shape, patterns, and positioning of a rug will work well within the space. This chart provides a better illustration of how some common rugs work in proportion to a standard sofa.

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